I am a little disappointed in the FB public page. Numbers are still not good, but what is worse, no-one interacts with it unless it is to whine that they "cannot post".  Despite the fact that the page is historically accurate, has some of the rarest images posted there, it remains stagnated!
I have put a good deal of work into trying to make it an interesting page but feel that my efforts continue to be for nothing, it does not get shared often and images are taken and re-posted elsewhere with very few links back to show where they were originally posted. Linking back is what gets numbers up and interest generated, it is also polite. 
I think it is now finally time to remove it, I have tried to get the troops moving forward, it has not worked and I cannot be arsed with apathy!




  1. I really appreciate the efforts you have made with your site.
    So, I posted on FB the enclosed piece. I am not familiar with posting to FB. Is a post scrutinised first and then released on to the page? It didn’t show up immediately, is why I ask.

  2. and probably …..”Wilmersdorf society”……if you approve my post can you edit my muckups out….some spacing is out of whack as well. Oh dear. Thanks.

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