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Memories of a distant Past

"We are little pieces of many lives from the past"


If I may, I would like to explain my reasons for this site.

Jochen Peiper came to me like a bolt of lightning. Although I vaguely knew of  him before with other work I was doing ref the 3. Reich [explained in paragraph 3], suddenly one day I found I was searching his name, I cannot explain why really but I felt like I was looking for this for another person and not for myself.

Then slowly, things fell into place and, all of a sudden I was finding Peiper related posts and people genuinely interested in him. I was eventually contacted by someone who knows his family and then veterans popped up.  In the world of Spirit, this is referred to, and called – Synchronicity.

[In 2008] I was originally interested in Sepp Dietrich‘s Honour/Personal Guard (LSSAH). After reading the tragic story of Peiper’s life post-war and speaking with others, I realised I had enough people interested in him to put together a Facebook page but, after losing countless pages (and months of work) through Facebook censorship I thought it was about time I called time on their site and concentrated on this one.

I am English and the site is UK based, not American.

I am pleased you have found my site, although I have a few others this is #1 I hope that you continue to enjoy seeing the rarest and newest images of Jochen Peiper right here.  
This site is 1st for all things Peiper!   - "LB"

7 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thank you for asking, go ahead and use the content, if you use my images and art just mention where you found them, if you want to use the text please credit me as “author”. Thanks and good luck with your page. 🙂


  1. Excellent job! I would like to ask if you know specific heroic deeds that Peiper did, for instance the occasions in which he was awarded the iron crosses in France, or some specific description about Kharkov or Kursk. It would be really important and nice. Keep up the good work!


    1. 6th March 1943 – In fierce fighting around Kharkov he led his battalion far beyond its assigned objective by establishing and holding a bridgehead across the Msha river. This set the stage for the capture of Walki and Kharkov itself! He got the RK for that.

      He took out a T34 from a few metres range with a rifle grenade grinned and said “that should suffice for the close combat badge boys!”

      There are many other instances of how brilliant he was. On this website under Skill and Leadership menu you will find the PDF “BEGINNING OF THE END:

      it goes into detail about his exploits!


  2. That is true. Can not escape him. I am German, and when I deal with our history and I mean the real history, I had the impression, he found me. It is not easy to speak openly about men like him. Jochen, I love you.

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