Der Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler

1st SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler {1st SS-Pz.Div. LSSAH}

The 1. SS-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH or LAH) was formed 17th March 1933 as SS-Stabswache Berlin by Josef Dietrich (Sepp) on the order of Adolf Hitler.

It took part in the battle for France where it was mainly held in reserve. It later fought its way through Yugoslavia and Greece.

The LSSAH also took part in Unternehmen Barbarossa and saw action at Kiev and Rostov. It was transferred to France for refitting 1942 and was upgraded to a Panzergrenadier Division. It returned to the Eastern front in 1943 and fought at Kharkov and Kursk. After Kursk, the LSSAH was sent to Italy but was sent back to the Eastern front as a Panzer-Division. The LSSAH was one of the divisions encircled in the Ukraine, after suffering heavy losses it was sent back to France for rest and refitting.

The LSSAH fought in Normandy. It took part in the offensive in the Ardennes attached to I.SS Panzerkorps. After the failure of that offensive the LSSAH was once again sent to the Eastern front to take part in an offensive in Budapest (Unternehmen Margarethe – March 1944). Following that offensive it was transferred to Austria where most elements of it surrendered at the end of the war.

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