Himmler’s Adjutant

Peiper: The Adjutant

One of the brightest stars in pre-war Germany was young Jochen Peiper. This {military} career minded young man caught the attention of the Reichsführer SS as early as 1934!

Himmler had followed his {Peiper’s} career with interest. It was therefore inevitable that this intelligent and conscientious young man, with an almost noble bearing would attract the attention of Heinrich Himmler! Thus, in 1938 on June 30th, the Personnel Officer of the Reichsführer SS  announced: “The Reichsführer SS has directed that SS Untersturmfuhrer Peiper, SS#132496 be assigned to duty on the Persönlicher Stab of the Reichsführer SS for a period of 3  months effective from 4th July 1938”

Peiper’s duties were many and varied, from answering letters to making appointments, from  listening to civilian complaints to arranging transportation. He did all this with a maturity that belied his age!  He would accompany Heinrich Himmler on visits , he was present for the launching of the Bismarck in January 1939 {this was where he met Otto Dinse, who was to become his adjutant!}

Heinrich Himmler enjoyed Peiper’s work, attention to detail and company so much that he extended his Office {adjutancy)  to a year!


The image below shows Peiper and Heinrich Himmler in civilian clothes on a visit to Idar-Oberstein in Germany. Marga is on left. Unsure of the date because original file says Sunday 5th December 1939 or 1940 BUT Sunday 5th December was in 1937 and 1943!


Peiper received an allowance for clothing from the (Geheimes zahlung!) bank account of the Reichsfuhrer SS, as his Adjutant he needed good civilian clothes suitable for accompanying Himmler to meetings, on personal visits and other events.


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