Bruder: Horst

Horst Peiper

Bruder, Horst
Bruder, Horst (Image Source Danny S Parker)

After serving with SS-Heimwehr Danzig where he was awarded the Danzig Cross 2nd Class, Horst Peiper was then assigned to the SS-Totenkopf Division, he eventually made 1.Kompaniechef and held that command until he committed suicide on June 11, 1941

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It is common belief that Horst took his own life due to personal reasons, there has been talk of homosexuality and conduct not becoming a German officer.  But there is more to this story than meets the eye! Theodor Eicke  (a lot of men under his command felt he was a tyrant, someone who gave no quarter) it is strongly believed in SS circles kind of blackmailed Horst, told him there were rumours and if he had any honour he would go and shoot himself; Horst did just that.

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The news of the death of his older brother naturally upset Jochen Peiper…this story will continue. 

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