Lötlampe Bataillon


The “Blowtorch Battalion” got their name on the Eastern Front. Peiper’s lightning speed at clearing villages of unfriendlies + stray fire catching the straw of the roofs of the houses gave them the nickname “Lötlampe Bataillon”. The Flammenwerfer {seen above and below} was also used to good effect on the Eastern Front!

Smaller Blowtorches were used for extra heat {see below}

Russland, Schützenpanzer mit Flammenwerfer

A Blowtorch like the one shown below was used as extra heat and also to stop the parts of the vehicles seizing up.


A stunning example of a German WWII Blowtorch!

jochen (1)

{We know that in war the Flammenwerfer was used, all sides used the blowtorch, the U.S 6th Marine Division Used “Corkscrew and Blowtorch” Tactics on Okinawa}

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