Jochen Peiper-EF

This is a screen capture of some new footage I found of Peiper on the Eastern Front.

On 9 March 1943, Peiper was awarded Germany’s highest decoration, the Knight’s Cross. The medal’s citation described the fierce fighting:

In Stawerowka the battalion was ordered to take Zigderowka. The mission was executed by night against… heavy resistance and an enemy battalion was routed, four 7.62 guns, an infantry gun, 10 mortars and many machine guns and hand guns being captured and destroyed.

Peiper advanced immediately towards Kasatschij Maidan, encountered an enemy battalion on the march and executed a hasty attack. Here, he inflicted heavy losses on the enemy and took Kasatschij Maidan. From here Peiper prepared his battalion for the attack on Jeremejewka, attacked it at dawn against heavy resistance and took Jeremejewka. Exploiting the confusion among the enemy, the battalion advanced on Leninskij and broke the last resistance. By an immediate advance, he inflicted heavy losses on the enemy which was fleeing through open fields.

The battalion destroyed one T-34, six guns 7.62 and captured 300 horses. Three sledge columns were routed. The enemy casualties amounted to anywhere from 800 to 900.

SS-Sturmbannführer Peiper has distinguished himself in all these fights by a sensible command of his battalion and personal bravery and had proven himself worthy of the Deutsches Kreuz in Gold

Stabswache de Euros.gif
Leibstandarte troops in Kharkov

Kharkov – The LSSAH, Das Reich and Totenkopf were to form the
spearhead of the attack. The attack got underway on 7th March 1943.
The LSSAH was formed into three Kampfgruppen which would attack
towards and capture Kharkov. Over the next week, the LSSAH would
take part in the ferocious battles to take the city. Kampfgruppe Meyer,
under Panzer Meyer’s command, penetrated to Red Square before being
cut off. Kampfgruppe Witt saw heavy fighting against a Soviet blocking
force near Dergatschi before it also broke through into the city. Both
Kampfgruppen were repeatedly cut off during the confused fighting, and
it was not until Kampfgruppe Peiper, under Joachim Peipers command, broke
through that the defenders were finally overwhelmed. By 17th March,
the battle was over and Kharkov was back in German hands, with
Peiper’s Kampfgruppe having penetrated as far as Belgorod.

On March 14 1943 the operation to seize Kharkov was complete. To complete the German victory, SS-Sturmbannführer Joachim Peiper and his battalion raced to the north, attacking Belgorod, the last major centre of Soviet resistance in the Ukraine, which fell to him on March 18 1943, and establishing contact with the Wehrmacht élite Großdeutschland Division.


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