Other Panzer

Coloured, Oberscharführer Persin and SS-Unterscharführer Ochsner & driver of Kg Knittel.




Ruhe in Frieden – Otto Carius

On 24/1/2015, one of the last surviving Tiger commanders, Otto Carius passed away after a brief illness. 😦

Otto Carius was a true German tanker ace. It is estimated that Carius’ crew managed to knock out 150+ enemy vehicles and many more other targets and AT guns. He survived the fiercest fighting in his Tiger. After the war he opened a pharmacy called Tiger-Apotheke. He wrote a book of his memoirs “Tigers in the mud”.

Iron Cross 2nd and 1st Class (EK II and EK I),
Knights Cross (Ritterkreuz),
Oakleaves to the Knights Cross (Eichenlaub),
Wound Badge in Gold,
Panzer Battle Badge in Silver (100),
Total victories (kills): 150 – 200 Tanks