Jochen Peiper


 Jochen Peiper

Peiper was a senior Waffen-SS Officer, and Panzer Commander of the LSSAH 1st Panzer Division. By 1945, he was a SS-Standartenführer and the Waffen-SS’s youngest regimental colonel.

Peiper was a hero, such honourable and loyal men like him were rare . Peiper would be a worldwide hero  and statues of him would adorn Military Museums if he had been wearing a different uniform. He remained unrepentant about his past in the elite Waffen-SS 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler.

Jochen Peiper was a Knight of the SS. The man was breathtakingly brave.

Sadly he was persecuted for the rest of his days. He was jailed after the war. He took his  punishment like the honourable and stoic man he was.

There will be 100’s of images of Peiper and the Leibstandarte published here, some will not have been seen before

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