Quotes by Others

“When SS Ustuf. Kurt Kramm arrived to take over responsibilities as an adjutant of the 1st Battalion of the panzer regiment that autumn near Rhaden, he came under the spell of its commander. Kramm found Joachim Peiper a charismatic panzer leader with “very blue eyes,” starkly contrasting with his black panzer uniform. “He is just like Hitler,” Kramm remembered, “for when he stands in front of you, he has so much fire and pep he gets you.”

Source – Hitler’s Warrior by Danny Parker (Page 109)


Burton Ellis said of Peiper – “I admire you, I hardly know of another soldier who I estimate as highly as I estimate you.”  Malmedy Trials – Source: Hitler’s Warrior by Danny Parker (Page 170 para III)













“Jochen Peiper has an assured place in the long row of the greatest German soldiers of all time. His life as a soldier and as an unbending prisoner of the enemy powers is exemplary and can serve as an example…. Jochen Peiper can be considered, without question, representative of the best in German soldiers and as a servant to his people.”

Source – Patrick Agte, Jochen Peiper: Komandeur Panzerregiment Leibstandarte (final page)


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