Skill and Leadership

Peiper’s uniqueness as commander in the Leibstandarte

Peiper showed that he was willing to accept responsibility. He led his units with self-confidence and his subordinates were impressed by his charisma. He had a vision at every level tha…t he commanded. Some say that he had unique understanding of the battlefield. He had the ability to make profound tactical analysis. He judged many tactical situations independently and was willing to take the initiative, which gained the Germans many favorable positions on the battlefield.

He was always among his front troops, inspiring his men. They trusted him as a leader, even in the most extreme conditions. For most of the junior leaders, officers as well as non commissioned officers, Peiper was not only a teacher in tactics and leadership, but also a coach for general education. Without any doubt he earned the respect of his subordinates. He never asked
his men to do things, which he would not do himself. He had high standards on proper care and proper human behavior and demanded this from his subordinates…

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